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As the UK's favourite holiday cottage agency we've built our reputation on delivering fantastic levels of bookings and unrivalled service to all our owners.

We are the largest provider of holiday cottages and bring together the best-known and respected cottage brands. To view some of these brands simply click on the following links: English Country Cottages, Welcome Cottages, Cumbrian Cottages

We understand that considering or moving to a cottage agency can be a big decision. To help you we've produced a downloadable document of ten questions you should ask of any cottage rental agency you are thinking of working with.

10 questions you should ask a cottage rental agency

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  • cottages4you Celebrates Busiest Winter on Record
  • Record numbers of UK holidays booked as Britons seek to escape before summer read more...
3 Simple Steps – Why chose cottages4you...?
  1. We'll maximise your property income
  2. We'll pay you up-front for your bookings
  3. We deliver personal, hassle-free service
Only cottages4you can do all of these for you
Making your holiday home work harder for you
Don't just take our word for it...

The best way to deliver the highest level of bookings to you is to ensure that your property is seen by as many potential customers as possible and that's why we invest significant spend and expertise into marketing your property. Our team of marketing experts are constantly looking at new ways to deliver you maximum exposure and bookings.

"When I first ventured into holiday lettings, I decided I needed a professional approach and so enlisted the help of an agency, cottages4you. The booking levels have proved successful and there's a tremendous demand for my properties – all four lets are achieving bookings of approximately 40 weeks a year" Robin Bray, Compton Farm Cottages, Chichester (Property Refs 19202, 17320, 17321, 24493)

Sophisticiated database marketing

  • A database of over 12m potential customers interested in your property. Each year 160,000 people go on a cottage holiday with cottages4you and they are all included in our marketing campaigns to encourage them to re-book.
  • Our advanced data models allow us to predict which customers are most likely to book your cottage which is used to drive our recommendation tools.
  • Our database marketing team is constantly analysing the results and making changes to maximise impact.

Only cottages4you can market your cottage with this degree of sophistication and therefore deliver the maximum bookings to you.

Award winning online marketing and leading websites

  • Over 20 million people visit the cottages4you website every year, that's 3 million more than some other cottage agencies claim to have.
  • Over £6 million spent on award winning search marketing campaigns. We sponsor over 250,000 keywords and have highly sophisticated retargeting campaigns. No other cottage agency can deliver this level of investment online. Why is this important? Tell me more about search marketing
  • We are officially accredited with the major search engine providers. We have a great relationship with Google which gives us many benefits including: dedicated support, access to exclusive features and industry insights - keeping us at the leading edge of online marketing.

Traditional advertising is also important

  • A fantastic PR team who make sure that cottages4you feature in all the influential press titles.
  • cottages4you also advertise in all the important national newspapers and magazines to produce the maximum level of exposure.
  • That's why cottages4you is the UK's best known cottage rental agency

A huge range of partners, many exclusive to cottages4you

  • On top of all this marketing cottages4you will also distribute your cottage through our own extensive network of partners.
  • Many of these are household names for example Tesco, the Guardian and RSPB, and many will only partner with cottages4you.
  • In addition cottages4you also partners with the large travel providers such as Expedia, and TravelSupermaket to deliver maximum exposure of your property.
  • Of course, plenty of holidaymakers still prefer to use a high street travel agent so we also work with selected agents to make your cottage as accessible as possible.
  • No other cottage agency has the ability to work with some of these companies and have the size of partner network that cottages4you can provide to you.
What level of bookings can I expect with cottages4you?

We know that a partnership between the agency and an owner is a commercial one and that we need to deliver a consistently high level of income to you. That's why, as well as promoting your property to achieve the highest level of bookings, we also work with you to maximise your earning potential.

"I'm delighted with the level of bookings we've received, even in the first year we've been really busy. Renting through cottages4you has proven a sound business decision" Simon, Rustic and Howe Cottages, Lake District (Property Refs 25564 and 25344)

What is dynamic pricing?

  • Dynamic pricing allows us to continuously fine tune your property prices with the aim of delivering the best occupancy and income for you.
  • Our bespoke pricing system constantly monitors the market and takes into account demand, availability, booking patterns, regional events and historic trends to recommend price changes.
  • Our expert team of pricing analysts work with this system to continually assess and manager property prices on behalf of our owners. We look at opportunities to achieve the best price and adjust them as the market dictates.

Why have dynamic pricing?

  • With our ability to adjust prices as the market dictates we can respond instantly to changes in market conditions, dynamic pricing allows us to increase prices when demand is high or lower them to stimulate bookings.
  • Having a pricing structure that is contained in a brochure and set for 18 months is out of date and not appropriate for the modern holidaymaker.

What are the benefits?

  • We recongise the Internet is now the main driver of the holiday market, customer behaviour is changing and we want to be able to react to that.
  • Owners taking advantage of dynamic pricing have earned approximately 5% more income year on year.
Only cottages4you has the skill and expertise to be able to execute such a complex and bespoke approach to pricing your property. To get an idea of the level of income we could generate for you click here

One of the key benefits of working with a cottage rental agency is that we do all the work for you. We understand how precious your property is to you but also that your free time and peace of mind are too. That's why we provide expert advice and a dedicated owner services team to help you.

"Since my first contact with the Regional Manager she’s impressed me with her knowledge of self-catering accommodation and what your company has to offer. She was most helpful with her recommendations on how I can enhance my property" Bridget Burnell, South Devon (Property Ref 24098)

What can I expect from you?

Personal service from a local Regional Manager. We know how popular this service is amongst our owners and we want you to be happy with your choice of agency. That’s why all our new owners have a chance to meet their local Regional Manager – we're a people focussed company and there’s nothing like a face-to-face chat to give you the confidence to trust us. Your Regional Manager can offer advice on things like décor, furnishing as well as more practical issues such as Health and Safety. They can also give detailed estimates on the level of income you can expect to earn from your cottage. Your Regional Manager will remain a vital point of contact throughout your time with us, giving you peace of mind that a familiar face, local knowledge and expert advice are never far away.

"We've tried other agencies, but with 13 properties to manage and promote, we need a responsive team with the experience and resources to provide a service we can always count on 100%" Helen & Adrian Ruff, Northumberland, Ellingham Hall Cottages (Property Refs MVU, MVN, MVV)

Our dedicated Owner Services team are on hand 7 days a week to handle any questions or queries you may have. This team will be your contact for discussion around customer bookings, payments, cancellations or any difficulties you may have. We've over 30 years' experience in dealing with queries from our owners which is a fantastic resource for you to use, whatever your question, chances are we've been asked and answered it before!

We never forget it's your property. Even with all this advice and expertise available, we still recongise that it's your cottage. We'll consult with you and make sure all our dealings with you are simple and transparent and inform you promptly about changes to our business or industry.

The conduct, services and support that we think you have every right to expect from us is contained within our Owner Charter.

Letting a holiday cottage on your own can be a time-consuming and often expensive experience. Working with a holiday rental agency can take all the hassle away from you, the owner. That's why we're here, to make the benefits of owning your holiday cottage as pleasurable as possible!

"I've let my property (with cottages4you) since 2008, and I love the fact that there's so little for me to do, things always run smoothly and occupancy is consistently high. I'd definitely recommend them!" Julie Moorhouse, Lancashire (Property Ref 23542)

Here are just a few ways we can make your life easier...

Our booking service: We've combined over 30 years' experience into making sure our booking service is as smooth as possible. It's one thing our customers love and a reason why owners enjoy such high levels of bookings. Whether that's through our fantastic new website or our state of the art call centre – we're here to take and manage all your bookings.

Hassle free management of your booking calendar: By chosing to work with cottages4you your property will be added to our reservation system. This means your booking calendar is always up to date 24 hours a day, and in the internet era that means your cottage is available to book 24 hours a day!

Customer queries and feedback: Dealing with customers is what we love! Our highly trained customer care team are on hand to deal with any queries we receive and we'll be your representative to the customer.

Cancellation protection: There's no escaping the fact that cancellations are an inevitable risk but working with us means that potential loss of income can be avoided. Our vast marketing budget enables us to invest significant resource into re-sellling any cancelled periods. In the event of a cancellation we will always contact you to let you know.

Keeping you informed: Confimations are issued for every booking, in the event of a late booking (within 7 days of arrival) we'll contact you by telephone. We'll also ensure your caretaker or agency also receives these details.

Property management: In certain areas in the UK we're also able to offer you a property management service. Managed through our networks of local offices we can offer a full or part service to match whatever you need from us.

Your owner website: Designed to keep you up to date with managing all aspects of holiday lettings. You can check your level of bookings, make or amend your own bookings, download a booking calendar to show all party details and additional requests – everything you need to keep informed available any time of the day.

Best of all, there's no need to take our word for it. When it comes to being able to create a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership one simple statistic speaks volumes: over 25% of our owners have been working with us for 10 years or more, with at least 200 celebrating their silver anniversary every year.

Here's a small sample of delighted owners we have the pleasure of dealing with every day...

"During the time I have been working with the team, nothing has been too much trouble and it's been done with good humour and professionalism. They have had good ideas to support the cottage, new photos etc but it's the style I am positive about – I now feel as though I am part of something rather than a source of income" Mr Tolley, Hedgehog Cottage, Nr Staithes (Property Ref W1598)

"When the property was ready to be marketed, we were absolutely amazed with the speed that bookings were being received. The property has only been on with yourself for two months and already there are 17.5 weeks booked. Long may it continue" Carolyn and Barry Potter, Isle of Wight (Property Ref PCCP)

"Full details of bookings are sent each month and you have no worries about credits not appearing on your bank statements. It is a pleasure to be part of this group and it is great comfort to know we are working together and there is someone there to listen" Christine Aldridge, Yorkshire (Property Ref W41736)

"When I started out the whole self-catering business was new to me and so the help and advice was hugely important. The company was supportive and all the information was simply laid out in an understandable and easy to use format" Jane Craigmyle, Grange Holiday Cottages, Wimborne (Property Refs DSA, DSB, DCS)

"I would like to congratulate you for a 1st class service. I always receive a friendly and warm reception and this is a credit to the team. I hugely appreciate the time you invest in me, this is a key differential for your against the competition. Every single one of you is very customer centric – great work and sterling effort" Darren Marsh, Sea Glimpse, Whitby (Property Ref 24429)

Sounds great! What are the next steps?

If you already have some questions or want to arrange an appointment straight away simply call our property recruitment team on 0345 268 1586.

If you'd like to know more about us and the services we can offer you, simply request one of our free owner information packs by completing the form to the right. If you're just thinking about purchasing a holiday cottage to let we have a specific information pack just for you, just tick the relevant box when requesting your pack.

Once you've received your pack and are interested in a further discussion we'll arrange a convenient time for your local Regional Manager to visit you and your property. They'll be able to give you an idea what your property could earn and answer any questions you might have. This visit is free of charge and you’re under no obligation to take things further.

We look forward to hearing from you...

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Tell more more about search marketing

Search marketing is the process to put your cottage in front of the many people who are looking for it and harnessing the power of the internet to deliver bookings. In practical terms it involves a combination of Paid Search and SEO (Search Engine Opimisation). cottages4you invests a significant amount in both aspects to maximise exposure to you.

As an example these are the highest volume keywords that cottages4you appears on and our average position for each of them.

The UK's best known cottage agency

When we use an independent research company to ask people which cottage holiday supplier they can name, cottages4you is the company that most people are aware of.

Property bookings by region

Many properties can achieve the following levels of bookings each year.

Property earnings by region

Many properties in these regions can earn the following each year.